Wednesday, September 15, 2010

i'm back you guys

for real this time. maybe.
I was chillin at tumblr for a minute because I won this photo contest and got like 600 followers in one day, but the more i use it the more I h8 it. Its like, a bunch of tweens who are into justin bieber and puppy dogs, mixed in with a bunch of 'hipstars' with those stupid-ass "Real-D" glasses with the lenses popped out. There are many photogs on there that I like, (Sean Ocean, Maureen Fischinger, etc) but not enough to hold me there. It just seems inauthentic. Write a meaningful post with words and not pictures and you lose like 5 followers. Post a nice pic and its reblogged a few times, and oh look, your name and credit is gone and now a piece of your life's work is just another jpg on the internet.

well i am more than a jpg.
my work is more than a piece of the internet.
or something like that.

I have gotten very good at typing without a real space bar. i kinda keep my thumb on the little dot and its extra work but im getting used to it. I ordered a new key (like $6 for a dumb piece of plastic) and am having it sent to tampa- so hopefully it will be there by the time I get back from chicago.

Chicago is a 'kewl' place. Think I might actually consider coming here after graduation, but im not sure. This midwest metropolis is interesting, I know my way around a bit and I have tons of family around, but im just not sure if I really want to come live and work here. I love Boston... A big (ish) city with a small town feel, as a friend once described it. I have only been there once but it still stands out as my favorite US city. Actually in Boston we had the worst, cold and rainy weather but i still loved it. I was fighting with half of my friends (so dumb lol) but it was still quite awesome... one of my favorite trips!

Anyways I have been contemplating getting out of here for some coffee for the last few hours. I even took a shower and picked out some clothes but I still haven't really decided. Do I really want to go sit in a cafe with my laptop again? Do I really want to walk to the corner of the block? Its not like I have 'work' to do, and I really need to stretch my money as far as possible. I only have like $3 left on my CTA card.. thats only one more ride!

well i suppose I will be off to further contemplate the idea of getting coffee... I should at least put on some jeans and get something at the 7-11, right?