Wednesday, September 15, 2010

i'm back you guys

for real this time. maybe.
I was chillin at tumblr for a minute because I won this photo contest and got like 600 followers in one day, but the more i use it the more I h8 it. Its like, a bunch of tweens who are into justin bieber and puppy dogs, mixed in with a bunch of 'hipstars' with those stupid-ass "Real-D" glasses with the lenses popped out. There are many photogs on there that I like, (Sean Ocean, Maureen Fischinger, etc) but not enough to hold me there. It just seems inauthentic. Write a meaningful post with words and not pictures and you lose like 5 followers. Post a nice pic and its reblogged a few times, and oh look, your name and credit is gone and now a piece of your life's work is just another jpg on the internet.

well i am more than a jpg.
my work is more than a piece of the internet.
or something like that.

I have gotten very good at typing without a real space bar. i kinda keep my thumb on the little dot and its extra work but im getting used to it. I ordered a new key (like $6 for a dumb piece of plastic) and am having it sent to tampa- so hopefully it will be there by the time I get back from chicago.

Chicago is a 'kewl' place. Think I might actually consider coming here after graduation, but im not sure. This midwest metropolis is interesting, I know my way around a bit and I have tons of family around, but im just not sure if I really want to come live and work here. I love Boston... A big (ish) city with a small town feel, as a friend once described it. I have only been there once but it still stands out as my favorite US city. Actually in Boston we had the worst, cold and rainy weather but i still loved it. I was fighting with half of my friends (so dumb lol) but it was still quite awesome... one of my favorite trips!

Anyways I have been contemplating getting out of here for some coffee for the last few hours. I even took a shower and picked out some clothes but I still haven't really decided. Do I really want to go sit in a cafe with my laptop again? Do I really want to walk to the corner of the block? Its not like I have 'work' to do, and I really need to stretch my money as far as possible. I only have like $3 left on my CTA card.. thats only one more ride!

well i suppose I will be off to further contemplate the idea of getting coffee... I should at least put on some jeans and get something at the 7-11, right?


Thursday, April 1, 2010

WHOA! is anyone out there anymore?

The ease of Tumbling had made blogger seem really really lame- but I think I should blog here more often. Tumblr is great and all but 99% of my posts are just reblogs of photos that I like. Maybe I should just make two? One for photos and one that describes every mundane detail of my life?

So lately I have been battling with a dilemma. I have so many options for next year.
I can go to Tanzania where I will work for ADRA taking photos and writing stories. I love Tanzania with all my heart and I know I have to go back there eventually- I just dont know if i should go somewhere I have already been or try a new place. Africa is amazing- I saw the most beautiful people I have ever seen in Tanzania- as well as the most beautiful land, animals, etc... I was so passionate about going back before- but now I am just not so sure. I would have to raise a ton of money and the position seems lonely.

And then there is Spain- A completely different place! I have ALWAYS wanted to live in Spain- its a major dream of mine and I dont know how likely that will be after college. In Spain I would teach english to very little kids and live with a family there in Madrid. Not many photographers from the department seem to have gone there and I think it would make for an interesting portfolio. Also.. Spanish! I need to learn it!

Another option is Thailand right there in Bangkok working as a graphic designer. It looks like a ton of fun to be on a team of other SMs and from what I hear they are pretty desperate for some help. We'll see where that goes...

Right now I am leaning towards Spain- but honestly it isn't even my decision! I could end up somewhere completely different! I just have to keep praying that everything will work out okay.

Friday, February 5, 2010

um, hello?

wow. Forgot about this blog though I have had it for a few years now...
my last post sounds so whiny! I have been pretty busy lately which is actually pretty awesome.
Its funny that my last post was me complaining about how boring my weekends were and how I was sick of staying in. This weekend I am staying in (except super bowl sunday!) and I am pretty happy to be staying in- Its nice to just hang out by yourself sometimes, you know? maybe im just weird like that but anyways...
tonight im just hanging out and watching prince of egypt. keeping it super low key and uh.. yeah like, whatever.

not sure if I will update... ever... lol

maybe in like... a year?