Thursday, April 1, 2010

WHOA! is anyone out there anymore?

The ease of Tumbling had made blogger seem really really lame- but I think I should blog here more often. Tumblr is great and all but 99% of my posts are just reblogs of photos that I like. Maybe I should just make two? One for photos and one that describes every mundane detail of my life?

So lately I have been battling with a dilemma. I have so many options for next year.
I can go to Tanzania where I will work for ADRA taking photos and writing stories. I love Tanzania with all my heart and I know I have to go back there eventually- I just dont know if i should go somewhere I have already been or try a new place. Africa is amazing- I saw the most beautiful people I have ever seen in Tanzania- as well as the most beautiful land, animals, etc... I was so passionate about going back before- but now I am just not so sure. I would have to raise a ton of money and the position seems lonely.

And then there is Spain- A completely different place! I have ALWAYS wanted to live in Spain- its a major dream of mine and I dont know how likely that will be after college. In Spain I would teach english to very little kids and live with a family there in Madrid. Not many photographers from the department seem to have gone there and I think it would make for an interesting portfolio. Also.. Spanish! I need to learn it!

Another option is Thailand right there in Bangkok working as a graphic designer. It looks like a ton of fun to be on a team of other SMs and from what I hear they are pretty desperate for some help. We'll see where that goes...

Right now I am leaning towards Spain- but honestly it isn't even my decision! I could end up somewhere completely different! I just have to keep praying that everything will work out okay.

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