Saturday, December 12, 2009


what the hell has happened to my social life?
I dont like staying in... at all. I like to go out. I like to get dressed up and go out to eat. I like being the 'loud' table- the one with all the college kids flashing their cameras and laughing at the most ridiculous and immature jokes.I am pretty sure that this is like my 100th weekend staying in. I used to like to do things on my own but not so much anymore. My independence is starting to get realllly boring.

Isn't there anyone out there who wants to go out some time? Seriously. ANYTHING. We could go to Papa Vinos. Or we could see what is going on at the Performing Arts Center in South Bend. Even if we just catch a movie at wonderland. I. DONT. CARE.
Just get me out into the world again...
just... so... lonely...

1 comment:

  1. it's funny... i feel the exact opposite.. >.< ... i love having my cousin come over, but i'm constantly obligated to got OUT...


    we human beings are SOOOO selfish, no? lolollll