Monday, November 9, 2009


what happened to blogging?!?! I have totalllllly ghosted the last, what, 2 months?
well much has happened and much is happening, but I won bore anyone with all of that. Many ups and downs but mostly ups, and I think its safe to say that its been a pretty good semester. for the first time I am actually happy at Andrews. I knew I just needed a little time, maybe some perspective, whatever. oh geesh, I am such a boring writer sometimes. "Cliche, cliche, cliche, handbells, cliche, cliche, cliche, photography, cliche about art in general, cliche." That is like my standard writing format. sometimes. The weather has been pretty wonderful here in Michigan but somehow I am anticipating a super massive storm. Probably because I watched 'The Storm Of the Century" on Nat Geo the other day. Seriously, you guys. It could happen at any time!

Today the most ridiculous thing happened. Well, I guess I will start with last night.
So last night B and I camped out in Harrigan while I worked on my book for Mixed Media. It was nice to have someone to talk to while I had to do that- especially since the charger for my laptop is broken (oh and cell phone is off!) so communication has been minimal. Its incredible how much I disappear without constant access to my phone and internet! Its actually pretty ridiculous, and not very healthy. I suppose it has been nice to take a break from it all, but I could really use my phone. My car has been giving me trouble lately and it would be nice to be able to chat with my Ohio Homies once in a while.
but I digress.
So Last night I was up until about 1:30 on campus, just workin' on my book. I went home when we were all tired and decided that it was 'good enough' and I would bind it in the morning. When I got home though, I was just NOT tired... at all. So I was up until about 5 adding and modifying the book. I am really happy with the cover I did and the collage on the inside- products of random bursts of inspiration- but I wish I had that when I began the book. Its not very consistent as far as color and design go, but I did my best to make it work. I still have to finish binding it but I have a while before my next class. Soooo, yeah, I got two and a half hours of sleep last night. Not good. I am in better condition than expected, but rest assured I will be knocked out by 3pm- wherever I am.
Right- so I stumbled into Spanish class today looking a hot mess (at least I had managed to brush my teeth this morning) and El Profe (my teacher, heh) was out in the hall about to close the door. "¡Hola Briana!" he smiled at me.
"¡Hola!" I replied with the little enthusiasm that I can muster on two and a half hours of sleep.
"¿Estás Listo para el Examen?" He said to me..
"Whaaaa????" I said suspiciously. He was tricking me! He had to be! Oh, he was hilarious. "Nooooo...." I smiled, wagging my finger.
"Ahhh, ¡Bueno!"- oh yeah he was just testing me! oh, my teachers are hilarious I tell you.

okay so I get into class and settle into my seat next to Ashley and Im like, 'Yo! Ash! we dont have a test, right?"
"ummm... yes?"

so yeah, a test over chaper 5, which I would have done well on had I at least reviewed a little bit. But now I am pretty sure I failed. I didn't get to 2 of the 5 sections. I couldn't remember ANYTHING. There was a whole paragraph of what Ramón should do in Hollywood and all I could say was "Ramón debe cambiar su nombre". yeah. BRILLIANT.

soooo thats the EPIC FAIL of the semester... so far...

oh did I mention BFA reviews are coming up super fast? Every time I see Mason he's like "We talk about you a lot" and im like gee, thanks, no pressure though, right?

oh also, May I solicit your prayers? I am trying to decide what I am going to do with my life. Photo will always be my major- I never want to change that- but I really need to decide what I am going to do with English. I love LOVE writing (though I dont always show it) but I just cant give it the attention it deserves. I am most passionate about art and photography and I cant see that changing anytime soon. True, its possible to be passionate about many things at once, but I think I would explode if I tried to do that. Plus- both of these majors require a lot of time and energy and I just dont know if I can handle it.

wow this post is just...


  1. so many things to comment on! lol. ok first, i don't whatchu talkin' bout willis, i think you're probably way braver than me. but no matter, i've been using them to legitimately keep up my pants [belts are lame haha]. haaha yeah at first i got them and was all like "ooh i'll be so hip and 80s with suspenders..." but then i realized i need to lose mass weight to pull them off. but until then, i'll just stick to keeping my pants up lol. ok next thing... you use "nat geo" too, right?! that's the logical abbrev, RIGHT?? jerel was all like, "i googled it and it's officially nat'l geo." i was like umm ok suck it lol. NEXT, i want to see your book! it sounds interesting and i bet it's aaaahmazing. and lastly, i feel you on the english thing... every time i tell someone that i'm probably going to be an english major, they're like "what are you going to do with that?" lol i mean it's different for you because you're actually really good at art & photography, but i'm feeling a little desperate. but i think i'm going to minor in international studies and try to work something out... buuut yeah... oh and fall fest was sort of lame [surprise surprise lol] so you didn't miss much, except awkward hellos to people who i never talekd to before graduation haha...

  2. AAAHAHAHAHA... welcome back to the world. i think you should find someone from national geographic and stalk him til he hires you..

    that would be AWESOME..