Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Well the weather sucks today, but I wont let that get me down because I totally got an A- on my last spanish test. The one I was positive that I had failed. When I got the test I thought that there MUST be some kind of mistake... Ashley told me not to question the gods, so I went along with it.
I will admit, yesterday was a really bad day. I was in a place I never wanted to be again. I did something different to snap out of it this time, and if I ever get stuck there again I know exactly what to do. Other than that, this week is a week like any other. Well, except that I might drive up to St. Paul on Friday when Mom is planning on flying up. My Grandpa is not doing great at all and I would like to see him even though I am pretty sure that I have only met him once in my life.
I am going to start working on my to-do list with 'eating' because I havent had anything all day and then I am going shooting. Rainy Days are a good opportunity for color contrast.

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