Monday, September 28, 2009


not to be all melencholy all the time, but the weather sucks today, as does my life. Im just sayin...
Last night I had all sorts of weird/scary dreams and I am pretty sure that has something to do with the fact that I have been watching Heroes so much the last few days. Its pretty much the best show on TV and I cant believe I never watched it before. It makes Grey's and Gossip Girl seem totally useless and stupid now. Who is saving the world in Gossip Girl?!?! exactly.

anyways it is now 7:42. I have class at 8:30 (meaning I have to leave by 8:10) and I havent done ANYTHING to get ready except for grabbing a towel and making turkey bacon. I was supposed to take a shower like 20 minutes ago but I have just been sitting on the couch as if I cant come to terms with the idea that it is, in fact, monday again.

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