Wednesday, September 2, 2009


That's right, a blog. on Wordpress. How Gansta is that?
anyone who knows me (actually anyone who has read any of the essays that I turn into photo classes) knows that Steve McCurry is basically my favorite photographer. I mean I dont like to have favorites though because its not like I have seen EVERY photographer's work. Like how do I know if Mexican food is my favorite? I have never eaten at every resturaunt in the world. How do I know that the greatest falafel ever made isn't waiting for me in Jordan? do they eat falafel in Jordan? oh I forgot to announce that. I'M GOING TO JORDAN THIS SUMMER!!!! sure it is going to be hard getting the money for it, but I am determined. The biggest mistake my dad ever made was letting me go to Tanzania, because now that I have gone and done the study tour thing, I dont ever want to stop. I am thinking that from Jordan I can fly to Dar Es Salaam or Arusha in Tanzania so my ticket wont be so expensive. Of course that means that my year as an SM will begin in the summer but I would actually love for that to happen.
but I digress.
Steve McCurry has a blog that I managed to spend a good amount of time reading last night. His stories make me sooo excited about photography. I would kill to be able to attend one of his workshops.. or even just to sit down with him for a little bit and talk about documentary photography. There is so much about it that I dont know but that seems to be the only way for me to go. Commercial Photography is cool and all but it feels empty to me. It would be amazing to be able to call myself a 'fashion photographer' but i dont know... I dont like that kind of control of the image. I might rearrange a few things, but to orchestrate the whole thing? I suppose it is a little like painting... but I am interested in people and the story behind the face. I am interested in history, how every second is becoming history.
whatever am I talking about? I dont know, but I have a mixed media assignment calling my name.

Oh! but yeah, STEVE MCCURRY HAS A BLOG! and every time I read something I just want to run out with my camera and start shooting. I am glad that I have something to be passionate about.

scattered thoughts and ramblings, thats all this blog is =)


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