Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Frankly My Dear, I Dont Give a Damn"

ummm... wtf, Rhett Butler?
So many things I hate about Gone With the Wind (which I have just finished watching... took like half a day...) but there are also so many things I loved about it. For a movie made in 1939 it was pretty amazing. great acting- especially Vivian Leigh. Did you know she was born in India? That's pretty random... well no.. she was probably born when the British were 'all up in there' so I guess that would make sense. Anyways I liked the movie- thought it was stupid how many people died in it (and geez it is long! 2 sided DVD!)
you know I almost stopped watching it at the part where she is like 'As God as my witness, I will never go hungry again!!!!!' because it seemed like the end but then it cut to 'intermission' music and then the DVD was over. good thing I thought to flip the disc because otherwise I would be very disappointed and confused.
well finally going to sleep.
oh- tonight when I was leaving Andrews I had to go through the Campus Safety gate where I was greeted by this girl who I have had many classes (and conversations) with. She said to me 'Hi! Are you a student here?' yeah, she said it so cheerfully too.
'um.. yes?'
'Ok well just to let you know, later this week CS is going to start giving tickets if you dont have your car registered. Just stop by as soon as possible to register your car and get your decal. Its better than a $40 ticket and its free so...'
umm, wtf Lady you know very well that I am not a new student, and you were even the one who gave me last years sticker.
ok... for real now... goodnight.

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  1. haha yeah i'm weary to watch gone with the wind. i feel like i'll have too much to criticize about it, ESPECIALLY because it's supposed to be one of "THE greatest american films" LOL. and i saw you tweet last night about casablanca. that movie annoyed the mess out of me! lol. oooh but i love me some humphrey bogart... hahaha. and i mean obviously, it was innovative for its time blah blah, but balls. lol