Wednesday, September 23, 2009

save me

Today kinda sucks. i just want to put that out there.
here is why today sucks
Yesterday sucked. I missed my spanish test because my stupid phone is a crappy alarm clock (I really am starting to think something is wrong with it) and of course that threw my entire day off. So today I have a mixed media project due. I had some ideas that I have been mulling over ever since it was assigned but nothing has formed into anything solid yet. I spent the last week and a half cutting out random stuff that I thought was interesting, hoping for some brilliant flash of inspiration, but it never came. I am officially in a rut. hopefully just for today..
So anyways last night I was in the studio until about 11 when I realized that nothing was happening, so I gathered all my stuff and went home to work on the projects. I was up until 6am trying to pull something off but it didn't happen. Yes, I made a couple of things that meet the guidelines, but they are total crap. Totally empty... totally uninspired.
I set my phone alarm for 7:30 and went to sleep... It didn't wake me up though. I woke up thanks to some anxiety (not wanting to miss another spanish class) around 7:50. I got ready for class (um, basically just but some jeans on, thats literally all i did to get ready this morning) and went to class. In class we played this jepoardy game, which my team lost. dont get me wrong though- it was a lot of fun, I just wish I had more energy.
After spanish I took my test that I missed yesterday. awful. Thanks to lack of sleep (and no studying since sunday night) I am pretty sure I failed. When I turned it in he was like 'that was fast!' and I mumbled something along the lines of 'got no sleep'.
I slowly walked across campus back to my car, preparing to drown myself in tears of exhaustion and frustration, but I held back the floodwaters (lol) with the perspective of stopping at mcdonalds for an egg and cheese biscuit and hash browns. Maybe today I will get some cinnamon melts too! Totally unhealthy, but if it worked when I was a little kid it would work now, right? so I ordered my crap and on the way home I listened to west side story and ate the cinnamon melts. when I got home I discovered that they forgot my hash browns. WTF. I always look foreword to my hash browns and they totally blew it. Pick-me-up FAIL. OH! and on top of that I am out of gas and almost out of money. and chicago on friday. and I have a lot of dirty laundry to do. oh, and bad hair day.
well now I am at home, I should've got coffee but all I wanna do now is get my hour and a half of sleep before mixed media. hopefully my alarm will wake me up but I doubt I will be asleep for too long.
praying that my week gets better...

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