Monday, September 28, 2009

i feel really sick right now. I dont know if it is from stress, being out in chicago on a kinda rainy day or a combination of the two, but I feel so sick right now. I dont want to move. I dont want to eat. I just want to lay here and hope it goes away. the last week has been kind of crappy and I feel like I really need a break... I wish I could just go home some weekend or something. Its like no matter how hard I fight the war is never going to be over. Fighting some evil villian who threatens to blow up new york city? Taking down the giant lizard terrorizing Tokyo? I wish saving the world were that easy. Instead we fight ourselves and eachother. We try to fight disease and hunger- we try to fix things our own way. The sad truth is that the world is always going to need saving. Each of us are always going to need saving.
just a thought. I wont be finishing this because I have to concentrate on not throwing up.

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