Tuesday, September 8, 2009


is happening to my Alma Mater?

I just spent the last 2 hours of my life- time that would have been better spent sleeping or working on ACTUAL spanish berbs- thinking about the mess that is going on at Mount Vernon Academy. I feel like I should be there, like some great injustice is taking place that I will NOT stand for! hahaha... alas, I am here at Andrews University persuing degrees in English and Photography. All I have is my laptop.
I am not one of these great influential alumni who has made some huge achievement and enough cash to build an art building for the school (I totally would... with REAL darkrooms too!) but I think us broke-ass college students living off ramen and praying that they have enough gas to get them to work have a say in this as well. Now I gave the four most mediocre years of my life to Mount Vernon Academy. Sure, whatever I gave back to the school was mediocrity in its finest, but what I took with me changed the course of my life forever.
Now, It wasn't the awesome coach busses that took me to all sorts of churches in Ohio ever weekend (although those were amazing times!) that got me through those years. It wasn't learning about cytoplasm and mitosis and all that stuff that I am pretty sure I dont remember that made those years so monumental. It was my teachers. Oh, you teachers and your corny jokes and lame (but surprisingly effective) anecdotes! We sure dont appreciate them while we're there, but later at the lowest moment of your life it will come back to you.
A story Mrs. C told in Intro to Chem.... Realistic advice from Mr. B in Campus Family.... Just the simple act of prayer from Mr. Soper in 'World Religions'- That was the stuff. The good stuff. Dedicated and passionate teachers. Now that they are trying to toss one of them I really just dont know what to say except WTF.
After the crap they tried to pull with my Brother last year? and now this?
I feel like there is something bad happening back there.It's sad but true that it is never going to be the same. It will never live up to the standards that it once held. It is going to fall into a black hole... Another monument to happier days just gone. I'm not exactly sure what is going on there but I have gathered a small bit of information and from what I know its not good.
I pray that God will make things right again.

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  1. yeah this stuff is crazy. i mean even though i've had my problems with soper, this just doesnt seem right. srsly, wtf. i don't even know the details! but the fact that so many people are freaking out about this is an indication of the injustice... i feel so out of the loop, do you know the specifics?