Sunday, September 13, 2009

I have never been more excited about MTV

So tonight is the 2009 VMAs and I am really hoping that I can find somewhere to watch it. Do I give a crap who takes home 'Best New Artist'? No.. I dont. I am just super excited about the trailers they have put out. Here is the big one- a remake of West Side's Story Quartet- my absolute FAVORITE part of WSS- and honestly I think this is very well done (for an MTV thing you know).. Russel Brand is Hilarious, Cobra Starship is great as always, and Taylor swift is AMAZING! At first I really didn't like her, you know? 'oh another pop corn leanne rimes'- but Tswizzle has already proved herself to be more than that. Oh and I actually really like her CD, which is saying a lot because I am pretty adverse to any country that isn't johnny cash.

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