Sunday, September 20, 2009

Maybe we should step it up a little...

I dont know about you, but I believe that healthcare reform is desperatly needed. All these people who say that this plan wont work ("Doctors wont work hard enough!) Seriously? It works in tons of other countries, why cant it work here? why is it that one of the most rich and powerful countries in the world spends the MOST on healthcare with the WORST results?
I think its time that those people who are FOR healthcare step up- just like we did during the Election- just like we are opposing things like Proposition 8.
"18-29 year olds are the most uninsured people in America". I mean this is basically me and my friends. I can see how this is true. So many of us are insured through our parent's insurance- but only as long as we are full-time students. What happens after that? After graduating from College what are we doing? trying to find jobs and make a place for ourselves in our respective industries. Often companies dont offer health benefits, especially to those who are just starting out in their careers. And then what? We are so focused on trying to make it that health insurance just falls through the cracks. But come flu season if you cant see a doctor things aren't looking too good for you... Say you let it go untreated for so long- other people get sick, your work performance suffers, quality of life goes DOWN... It really never ends. No one should have to get so sick-or even possibly die-because they dont have enough money to see a doctor or check into a clinic.
I am very lucky to have health insurance - but there was a time when I was uninsured and it really worried me... I am still worried about people I know that dont have insurance. it sucks, you guys. Its not good. I really do not understand why people think that the current healthcare system works. Yeah.. it works if you can afford it.
Oh... and those who cant afford it are not just 'bums who need to get jobs'- they are regular people like you and me who happen to have fallen on rough times.


  1. amen to that! cuz i remember some of my friends going "your parents can afford it.. you're fine.. blah blah blah"

    but i can't. not by myself..

  2. i know, right? a lot of countries have waaaay better healthcare than us, idk why people are complaining. i am about to move my ass to canada for good lol. and yeah, i've been so lucky to have parents who take care of all of that. i still have a few years, but i am SO worried once i'm my own "adult" and have to make these decisions and take care of my own responsibilites myself. hah...

  3. lol just watched the video. wtf is turk doing shirtless? hahaha