Monday, August 31, 2009

The Tree

It was Noon. I hadn't seen him in a while, so we went outside to talk. It was like any other fall day in Ohio. Not much had changed in my old neighborhood... except that his couch was outside. They were probably putting it out for large pickup or something. I sat on the asphalt that divided our yards while he stretched lazily across the couch. We were just chatting, but we both knew that they would be coming soon. My house was empty- I knew that for sure. My little brother and his sister were on the edge of the woods playing with some branches. They knew that they would soon be running too. In the grass were two hand guns- a silver one and a plastic black one. The black one was empty but the silver one was ready to go. I looked up into the field and saw them. They were walking across the field towards us... fast. "They're here" I calmly told him. "Run". He immediately got up and jogged to the others. They soon disappeared into the woods. Now it was just me and my dog... and they were still coming fast. I picked up the silver gun, only wanting to intimidate. It was still noon.
Few words were exchanged when the three men arrived on my street. "Get out of here!" I said to them as defiantly a young girl could say to three grown men. The one in the middle just snickered. The one on the right suddenly darted around me and grabbed the black gun and shot at me. Oops. loaded.
Bullets flew around me but I knew I wouldn't get hurt. I held up the silver gun with both hands and I aimed best as I could. I was, after all, a very unexperienced shooter. I stood with my feet shoulder length apart. I squeezed the trigger, holding my ground. The two that had yet to reveal their weapons just ran into my house and began tearing it apart looking for something. Despite my poor aim I managed to hit the one with the black gun in the leg. It was enough to get him to stop shooting, and he began to head toward my front door, seeking refuge in my home.
I took the opportunity to race for the woods. I ran in my moccasins through the trails I still know well, with my ferocious and faithful Blanca on my heels. I could soon hear the men behind me. Like Pocahontas (heh) I raced for the meeting place. I was running fast. I soon caught up with the rest of the group. It was not long after Noon at this time. The trees were beginning to thicken now. They became taller and much older than the trees closer to the house. Soon it grew dark. We were getting closer.
Our pace grew less frantic as we neared the clearing. Safety was not far ahead. Suddenly, There it was... the great Baobab tree. Hard to ignore but easily missed by those not looking for it. Suspended between two 'realms' the tree was a well-kept secret. It had been placed long ago, hidden by the sky and the old, deep forest. The top of the tree was not visibile. Looking up above the ring we could only see the deep blue and purple sky dotted with bright stars. The bottom half of the tree, the roots, were long and thick. Each root was about 300 feet long and about as thick as a dinner plate. They hung like a willow tree. Keep in mind, this is not a normal tree. It was suspended in mid air. I know it is difficult to imagine that but bear with me.
Like parts of a rope each root was grouped with others. there were about seven ropes made up of 12-15 roots. They were not twisted together but flinging around wildly. The tree seemed aware of our presence and became more animated as if urging us to hurry. The others went before me. They approached the roots and the tree became calm. I didn't see what happened next. I was trying to find a root for myself... but soon they were all gone and once again I was left alone only with my trusty dog.
I jumped on a root and began swinging. But wait! Blanca! She can't climb this tree! I jumped off and picked up my best friend. I frantically racked my brain for ideas and then decided to settle her in my backpack. She poked her head and paws out of the top and gave me a look of determination. It would seem uncomfortable for a dog to be in a backpack, but there was no other way. She wanted me to know that she could handle it. I swung the bag onto my back and grabbed another root.
Terrier in tow, I climbed up about ten feet and the root began to swing. After a few swings I was high enough and the time was right to let go and jump into the unknown. I flung up into the center of the tree- Into the dark sky, into the stars, and into the other realm.
And then I woke up.

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  1. whoa.

    my dreams are always something like, i got in a car crash, something smashed the top of my car, my friend drove my car and got a ticket..

    lots of cars..