Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm Working On It...

I am, I am! I have just been so busy. my stupid '' url is so useless, so this december it will be gone and I will be switching to something that isn't totally lame. I was going to use that to be blogging about the beauty industry and whatnot (when I was at ULTA) but these days its not so important anymore. True, the way you wear (or dont wear) your makeup, hair, etc reflects something that is going on inside and there is a deeper side to the industry that many people are quick to call 'shallow', but right now it is not something I want to get into.
So what should I write about? Ideas? I need something other than 'myself' to talk about. I think I do it so much because it is easiest.. and see, there I go again, talking about myself. Jerel was right. I am so narcissistic.

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