Saturday, August 8, 2009


soo it has taken a looong time but I finally got a new charger for my laptop (that works!).
Today I embark on this journey to the North. I am leaving Charleston in the next hour and making my way towards Berrien Springs. Tonight I am heading to an Emery concert with Courtney and then tomorrow I will be probably heading towards the Columbus/Mount Vernon area. No solid plans yet, I am sort of wingin' it. My Aunt is at a Pathfinder camporee all week so I wont be able to get into the house until Sunday- which is cool- I can handle floating around for a bit. So yeah... that is kind of the plan. Hopefully I will be able to find a job near school before all the freshman get on campus. Because of all this 'traveling' I probably wont be able to get this site up until some time next week- but I am definitely going to do it. Until then, let me link you all to my flickr, facebook, and twitter.

oh.. and VOTE for my brickfish entry! tell your friends!

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